Pixel Hero Maker


PixelHeroMakerDemoPixel Hero Maker is an Application designed by Andrew Harris, which allows you to create your own custom Pixel Hero image for Guild Chronicles (©2013).  You can use the QR code on the right to download it onto an Android device, or click here to save it to your computer.

The top arrows are used to select a head, and the bottom arrows to select a body.  Click on the “male” and “female” buttons to change your Hero’s gender and appearance.  When you have finished, click “save”, and your final Hero will be saved to your device’s “Photos.”  

Note: Your image will not appear until you restart your device completely!

Bring your Hero right into the game!

Want to use your Pixel Hero in a game of Guild Chronicles?  Print it out at 1 inch by 1 inch, and build it a simple stand!


The full version of Pixel Hero Maker is still under development, and not currently available for download.  When the art is finished, it will be downloadable at the Google Play Store.