Lyndhurst Academy

Guild Chronicles is set in the world of Verden, and your adventures in this fantastic world begin at Lynhurst’s Academy of Heroes.  You can read more about the game’s setting below:


Your fate is a Hero’s fate.  Each of you was chosen by your community as their one applicant to attend Lyndhurst Academy, the most elite school for heroes in all of Verden.  Lyndhurst’s graduates have gone on to be successful, powerful, and influential, and their names are amongst the best known in the world.  More importantly, they are all Heroes – good, courageous, compassionate, responsible members of their community.

Lyndhurst’s students are from all over the world, all walks of life, and have a variety of talents.  You do have some things in common, however.  First, each of you passed the Exam – a week long series of written, physical, and outright peculiar tests and activities.  More importantly, however, each of you was approved by the Headmaster – a legendary Seer, who carefully reviewed each of your applications, and interviewed you at length.  Each year, a few are turned away, for reasons unknown.

Each year only a small number of students are accepted to the Academy.  In your First Year, after passing your Exam, you each took a variety of classes and began to discover your own unique talents.  By the Second Year, you began taking classes with different teachers.  Some students studied nature, going on long adventures in the woods, surviving on food that they hunted themselves.  Some students studied magic, spending long days studying ancient tomes, and long nights practicing their spells.  Some studied swordplay, others stealth.  No matter what the subject, the work was hard and intense.

By the middle of your Second Year, you were placed into a Guild.  Guilds are made up of students of mixed ages, skills, and talents.  The Headmaster is said to spend many long nights designing the Guilds, choosing students whose fates align.  By your Third Year, you and your Guild live in the same dormitory, and go on Excursions – potentially dangerous adventures in the world, your first chance to use your skills, talents, and unique powers.

The people gathered around this table are your Guild.  You are beginning your Third Year, and will be leaving soon on your first Excursion.  Before you go, Professor Drake will be training you as a group, in the Hall of Wonder, a magical room where the teachers can bring anything they imagine to life.  You will have to convince them that you are ready before they send you on your Excursion.