Guild Chronicles


Imagine a world full of fantasy, mystery and magic.  Terrible creatures roam the unexplored wildernesses.  Kings rule over vast nations, commanding armies with knights and wizards.  Merchants sell wonders and curiosities in huge cities, full of elves, dwarves, dragon-born, and creatures stranger still.  Imagine a world where dragons are real, and magic flows freely through the world.

Now imagine yourself in that world.  When you play Guild Chronicles, you and your friends dive into the story – an interactive story, where your decisions shape the world itself.

Guild Chronicles is a storytelling game, where one person (usually an adult) tells an open-ended story, and the other players (usually the kids) each control one character in the story.  Most of the game takes place in your imagination, as the Storyteller describes the scenes, and plays the part of all the people you meet.  You, as a player, tell the Storyteller what your character does, as you embark on adventures, seek treasure, and fight monsters.

To play Guild Chronicles, you need the Guild Chronicles Roleplaying System Core Rules – a 50 page rulebook.  The rulebook is currently not available for purchase, but it is available upon request.  If you are interested in participating in its playtesting, and are in the Greater Boston area, please contact Mr. Harris at

Interested in Learning More?

  • Character Sheet – Download and print the Guild Chronicles Character Sheet
  • Example Character – The Character Sheet of Marcus Spellwright, a young Defender and Guild Leader
  • Lyndhurst Academy – Learn more about the setting of Guild Chronicles
  • Pixel Hero Maker – Preview the Pixel Hero Maker application, for Android, which lets you create printable Pixel Heroes